Wednesday, July 11, 2007

top search terms

My boyf does something with internet marketing, so I'm sure he could give me lots of advice about what words I should be using on my site to generate hits and all that - useful stuff no doubt, but in the meantime, if I judge what's cool by how many search terms lead to me, then its a toss-up between nu rave, kate moss, and topshop. A while ago, Jordin Sparks was my search term killer keyword, and for a while it was kirsten dunst, but that's tailing off. silver lame dress/leggings lead people to my many posts on american apparel, and there are still people interested in playsuits and fitflops. Every so often I think, "I should try and generate more traffic", and that I should do more celebrity posts, but I'm just not that calculating. Yes, a future in marketing is not calling my name!

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