Wednesday, May 09, 2007

public service and all that...

I checked my blog stats this morning, and saw that they had gone out of control. Why were so many suddenly checking out this little no-name blog? Well, I left a comment on the wonderful Fashionista saying if people wanted to look at a real-life person wearing Kate Moss Topshop clothes, they could. Basically, a demonstration of how fat and un-modelesque I am. I can say it was in the name of public service, but now I wonder if it was just humiliation... Anyway, thanks to everyone for dropping by, and hopefully some of you will come back.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

is this too fashion for me?

I got this dress from topshop yesterday after lusting after it for a week. It's just so fun and light to wear. However, it is sooooo fashiontastic and potentially unflattering I just can't decide. Do I throw caution to the wind, and go with my instinct of loving this?

socialite rank r.i.p

Thanks to teen fashionista for alerting me to the fact that socialite rank is no more. Although I wasn't an avid reader, I know it will be missed in the style and rank spotters online. End of an era. Will we ever know who it was?

last ever kate moss topshop post, I promise

I promise, no more posts about Kate Moss after this one. But I have been trawling the blogs a little, and no one has put up anything about how the clothes look on real life peeps. Because that is a little disturbing. I may have mentioned before that I think Ms Moss might have a little pot belly, because of the mad gaping round the stomach on all her dresses. Actually, I've realised its because of her rather small chest, and if the space in the chest increases, then the waist does as well. Makes sense, but if you start too small, then things go awry.

I've also realised something else about models in general. It is a skill to make something bad look good. I have much greater admiration for Ms Moss et al after putting on her dresses - badly designed, but how does she make them look good?? In the essence of public service, I've posted comparison pics of her and me in the same dresses. Eek. Don't say I'm not good to you.

i heart rachel bilson too

Okay, I have a few celebrity crushes: Kirsten Dunst, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johannsen, and Rachel Bilson. All of these girls (with the exception of Scarlett), I not only adore how they look, style, and the random rubbish they spout in interviews, but I can imagine have a silly time with drunken cocktails. Yes, I know that is random. But you know, when you're lying in your bed with period cramps, random thoughts do some out. Anyways, if you do feel like stylin yourself a la the super cute Rachel, FabSugar can tell you how to do it. Oh, and digging those aviators.

i heart kirsten dunst

I do. I've loyally stuck by her, drawn to the fact we're the same age adn have the same slightly drunk eyes and small mouth - she somehow manages to look beautiful and sexy, I'm more piggy and tired. I adore her sometimes grungy, sometimes glam style, and understand that showering is sometimes a pain in the ass (especially on Sundays). Don't know why she's no longer with the fabulous Jake Gyllenhall, and is now with Johnny Razorlight (whom I couldn't point out in a lineup, worryingly. I used to care about music). So, in honour of the lovely and random Kiki, and the fact she's all over the media at the moment with Spiderman 3, I've put together some random links to help you get your fix.

Get Kirsten's pale face, red lips look over at Steal the Style. Breakfast At Tiffanys have made her their Fashionista Du Jour thanks to her uber-stylish picks for her Spidey 3 appearances. Stylish Thought have put together a nice montage of her recent outfits, where our pictures came from today, and finally, Fashion Indie has some clothes inspired by Mary Jane. Just a few somethings to keep you occupied on a Sunday.

transatlantic imports

I've mentioned the Gap white shirts before, from Rodarte, Thakoon, and Doo.Ri. What I didn't know, is that they are already available in the UK. Thanks to Catwalk Queen for the tip-off. I have to admit to not actually going into Gap very often, because I get so disappointed by their clothes. I also, for some reason, expected much more of a campaign around these fabulous shirts, but they haven't even made it to the window of my Gap. Maybe worth a trip into town tomorrow to check it out.