Monday, July 16, 2007

marie claire strikes back

Normally, I can't stand Marie Claire magazine. The whole po-facedness of featuring fashion along with women overcoming challenges in Ethiopia just didn't sit with me. It should because I'm a reasonably well-informed lady on the international front, and I am off to Ghana in a few months to work in a refugee camp, but there was something so smug about Marie Claire that just didn't work for me. However, I was in the airport yesterday, and I couldn't face NW or Company's low end, party girl approach, and Marie Claire had themed its whole magazine around LA. Plus, Nicole Richie's hair is so great on the cover that I'm going to get mine cut like that as soon as I can. Anyway, long story short, and I bought it. First thing I noticed was that I had read it in about 20 mins. No joke. However, what blew me away was that the fashion was actually amazing. The 101 ideas section featured the most fabulous LA-themed style stuff that was just amazing - highlights will come later. I've actually kept the magazine as a future reference!

underwear and overwhere

Also on the Primark trip, I discovered the craziness that is £4 underwear sets. Yes, you read that right. How crazy is that? And its not like the underwear is ugly either! Admittedly, it is a touch too padded (I know I'm a B, but I don't need to feel bigger than that, thanks), but fits reasonably well, is comfortable, and I was able to get about 5 sets that are quite pretty. How fantastic is that? Normally I'm a die hard Marksies girl, and I've been dreading the bill, as I'm about to throw out reams of greying pants and bras, but their range has left me cold the last couple of months, and now I've been able to use ethically-questionable production to tide me over until they start to produce something that is actually pretty, rather than functional.


After agonising over the sheer awfulness of the American Apparel silver leggings versus the natural cool factor (which would win out - being the centre of attention, or looking like a silver sausage?), I have been saved! Sort of. Whilst wading through the chaos that is Primark on a Saturday afternoon, my sister managed to find a whole rack of silver leggings! Yes, the cut isn't perfect, it's actually even less flattering than the American Apparel ones. They give me a camel toe. But they are only £6. Which is £22 less than the American Apparel ones, and cheap enough to take a chance on. Lovin it.