Saturday, July 07, 2007

personal care

Although my American Apparel gear still hasn't turned up, I am pretty impressed that Cinnamon from their website left a few comments for me, so at least I know they care - thanks guys!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

dysfunctional to say the least

just when I thought I had my dirty American Apparel habit under control, they've gone and given me a 10% discount code!!! Just plain not fair! Will I take a chance on order from their clunky, archaic ordering system that never works? Will my stuff ever turn up? Its been over 2 weeks since I broke down and mass bought t-shirts, hoodies, and unspeakably short dressses, and it still hasn't turned up, with customer services going extremely quiet as well. Its like being in an extremely dysfunctional relationship that promises so much and delivers so little. Like an ex-boyfriend I once had who always promised he had a surprise for me, and in the 18 months we were together, he never actually told me what it was or gave it to me. I might have kicked him to the kerb, but something tells me my American Apparel love might be much harder to actually beat!

make me stop!

why do I love these boots? No really, why? Maybe Lily Allen would wear them, maybe Lindsay Lohan on a random day, but me? Why would I? And yet, I can't help myself....

I need a payrise!!

crazy craving

For some reason, I'm thinking leather jackets are a "good thing" at the moment. I was converted by a girl I stood next to at the Kate Moss Topshop queue who was tiny, blonde, wearing a cute headband, skinny jeans, and Westwood pirate esque boots at 5am along with her leather jacket. It looked so stylin! This is a great one from Topshop, who recently shocked me by removing their pac-a-macs from the website - I thought they were going to be a summer staple! Man, I was wrong, and have regretted it since then. Brings more meaning to their "buy it now or regret it later" tagline!

shoes shoes shoes

Last week it was bags, this week my massive must have now or I will die obsession is shoes. I am a woman possessed.

These blue patent shoes from topshop are my absolute high priority shoe. They are 10 million times fabulous. Blue, patent, cream, platform, high - what more could a girl want? In winter over grey woolen tights, in summer with just about everything else. I want now.

Brown ankle boots. Okay, lets face it, I'm going to buy just about every shoe from the topshop collection at the moment. I nearly fell out with my sister when she came home with these because they are just so damn perfect, and she knew I was looking for ankle boots. Still, I can't be mad at my sister forever, and instead, I can get even by getting the same shoes as her anyway. Bold? Yes, but that can't be helped. She should have thought of that when she bought them.

I got the most fabulous grey linen tiered/ruffled skirt from Reiss last week, and wear it with a cream top with gold embellishments. Grown up and gorgeous. Whilst I was in the shop, they paired them with claret velvet high heeled court shoes. At first I was like "no way!". Then I became very much "yes please!". The closest I can get in my budget is a pair of courts from office that have a slight glimmer to them - rich, decadent, and very much a necessity.

Yes, I've been meaning to buy white converse for ages. It ain't rocket science. Just go do it.

Summer sandals - I've seen a number of sandals for work - in fact, too many for me to choose from!! I'll need to make a decision and stick to it, but there's been good ones in topshop and office for me to take my pick from. This weekend I think??

My shoe box is heaving though. Before my boyfriend will allow me to go and buy anything, I'll really have to clear out some shoes, and unfortunatley get rid of some. The thought is painful. My main problem is not that I don't wear my shoes, its that I can't even see what shoes I own. If I could do that, maybe I wouldn't need to keep buying them? Actually, that's only a small part of the challenge. The real challenge is that it is only in the last year that I have decided that high heels are a necessity, and most of my shoes previously have been flats. Great, but not exactly va va voom. Out with the practical, in with the can't walk down the street then!

cheap thrills

I went back to Belfast this weekend for my sister's graduation. Much as I love Edinburgh, when it comes to shopping, Belfast has it hands down. I think this is due to the recent urban regeneration that Belfast went through with the end of "The Troubles", but whatever the cause, if you are looking for a quick high street fix, Belfast is certainly your place. With that in mind, I headed in, going first to Primark. I usually am not Primark's greatest fan - the clothes don't fit me very well, they are uncomfortable to wear, I've gone flying down a cobbled hill in Edinburgh due the heel of a pair of boots wearing off in about 10 minutes, and the underwear seems to be a funny shape, but somehow I ended up back in there again. And have got the most amazingly wonderful shoes ever there. £10, and they are perfect. I had been eyeing up a pair on asos, after seeing how Miu Miu were bringing them back, but these are even better.

Since Mary Janes are just the cutest little preppy shoes ever, they had to be paired up with yet another pair of shorts, and a cutesy white shirt. I also got the most fabulous sparkly black sequinned shift dress which has a lovely low scooped back, which adds an extra sense of glam. Put it on over my black skinny jeans and my mary jeans and I am uber uber cool. The only thing that's not quite so uber uber cool is the trail of sequins that I leave in my wake!

grey and cold

It's finally sunny outside, but Catwalk Queen have managed to get a sneak preview of New Look's A/W collection. Following up from yesterday's grey wooly tights prediction, there are more greys and more tights. And the best pair of schboots (their word, not mine!) I've seen in quite some time. Well worth checking out.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

grey woolies

Summer hasn't even started yet, but but Catwalk Queen and Pretty Legit have both picked up on grey woolie tights are going to be back this winter. Celebrations from me. The pair I picked up in Banana Republic last year were my favourite accessory of winter and doing it all again with some very funky chunky platform heels with be fab.