Wednesday, July 04, 2007

shoes shoes shoes

Last week it was bags, this week my massive must have now or I will die obsession is shoes. I am a woman possessed.

These blue patent shoes from topshop are my absolute high priority shoe. They are 10 million times fabulous. Blue, patent, cream, platform, high - what more could a girl want? In winter over grey woolen tights, in summer with just about everything else. I want now.

Brown ankle boots. Okay, lets face it, I'm going to buy just about every shoe from the topshop collection at the moment. I nearly fell out with my sister when she came home with these because they are just so damn perfect, and she knew I was looking for ankle boots. Still, I can't be mad at my sister forever, and instead, I can get even by getting the same shoes as her anyway. Bold? Yes, but that can't be helped. She should have thought of that when she bought them.

I got the most fabulous grey linen tiered/ruffled skirt from Reiss last week, and wear it with a cream top with gold embellishments. Grown up and gorgeous. Whilst I was in the shop, they paired them with claret velvet high heeled court shoes. At first I was like "no way!". Then I became very much "yes please!". The closest I can get in my budget is a pair of courts from office that have a slight glimmer to them - rich, decadent, and very much a necessity.

Yes, I've been meaning to buy white converse for ages. It ain't rocket science. Just go do it.

Summer sandals - I've seen a number of sandals for work - in fact, too many for me to choose from!! I'll need to make a decision and stick to it, but there's been good ones in topshop and office for me to take my pick from. This weekend I think??

My shoe box is heaving though. Before my boyfriend will allow me to go and buy anything, I'll really have to clear out some shoes, and unfortunatley get rid of some. The thought is painful. My main problem is not that I don't wear my shoes, its that I can't even see what shoes I own. If I could do that, maybe I wouldn't need to keep buying them? Actually, that's only a small part of the challenge. The real challenge is that it is only in the last year that I have decided that high heels are a necessity, and most of my shoes previously have been flats. Great, but not exactly va va voom. Out with the practical, in with the can't walk down the street then!

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