Wednesday, July 04, 2007

dysfunctional to say the least

just when I thought I had my dirty American Apparel habit under control, they've gone and given me a 10% discount code!!! Just plain not fair! Will I take a chance on order from their clunky, archaic ordering system that never works? Will my stuff ever turn up? Its been over 2 weeks since I broke down and mass bought t-shirts, hoodies, and unspeakably short dressses, and it still hasn't turned up, with customer services going extremely quiet as well. Its like being in an extremely dysfunctional relationship that promises so much and delivers so little. Like an ex-boyfriend I once had who always promised he had a surprise for me, and in the 18 months we were together, he never actually told me what it was or gave it to me. I might have kicked him to the kerb, but something tells me my American Apparel love might be much harder to actually beat!


spycygrl said...

Hey there. I'm actually the web site manager for American Apparel. We don't want you waiting around forever for your items, for sure. Can you please contact us with your order number and we'll see what's going on with it? You can either call us at:
+1 (213) 688-1474
or fill out the form here:
and reference your order number and my name - Cinnamon.

spycygrl said...

Ah...methinks thou art somewhere in the UK. Which makes phoning the US store moot.
Please, still fill out the form online and we will do what we can to research the trouble with your order. I'm sorry about the delay.

scarlettholly said...

Thanks Cinnamon! I did put it into the UK website, and heard nothing. I phoned them yesterday and they promised to mail it yesterday - fingers crossed!