Friday, April 06, 2007

layered necklaces have a feature on layered necklaces, which is so where I am right now. Being known for being generally crap at accessories, I am working the layered necklaces look okay at the moment. I'm currently wearing two rather tacky trinkety necklaces from Primark - one is a little bird on a chain, and the other is a fake diamante key, as well as my standard Tiffanys coffee bean. Am loving the necklace overload.

today I'm wearing...

Top: White top with inside out flower print and silver flower print from Topshop
Jeans: "Ezra Fitch" boys jeans, allegedly Abercrombie, but bought in Bangkok!
Waistcoat (vest): Grey knitted with three buttons at top, bubble fit, Topshop
Shoes: Cream converse

Makeup: Grey eyeliner, pink MAC lipstick, stila blush pot in fushia or something equally bright.

Feeling young, urban, vaguely studenty, and in a great mood since its a holiday!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kirsten Dunst missing the mark

Normally Kiki does no wrong, at least, not in my eyes, but Go Fug Yourself, in their true "find the fugly in everyone" approach, have found a pic of Kirsten wearing the most ugly yellow tights. Please let them go back in the closet, or even better, the trash.

Monday, April 02, 2007

COS comes up good

Susie at Style Bubble has checked out H&M's high end addition, COS (Collection of Style), where she found the most fabulous paper bag esque dress - great colour, and great structure. COS is not coming to an H&M near me, which is a shame, because the closest I get to that sort of detailing is from Reiss, who are fabulous, and then I have to remortgage my house.

Topshop puts world domination on pause

Fashionista has picked up on Topshop's decision not to launch in the US in 2007, or at least, on a large scale.

As readers will know, I spend large quantities of time and money on being Topshoptastic, and there not being a Topshop in Tel Aviv is a large factor in my reluctance to move to my boyfriend's homeland. I can therefore understand Americans' moment of pain upon hearing this news. You give us Abercrombie, we keep Topshop. Maybe if we'd gotten Forever 21, we might have reconsidered our export options...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Halle Berry a role model?

Hip Candy picked up on Halle Berry saying she still fits into the same jeans she wore at 15. Is it just me, or is this highly problematic? I'm not sure I'd want to fit into the same jeans I wore at high school for a start - no hips, no waist, no ladyness!

another green bag

FairTrade Global Exchange have these really cool messenger bags. Okay, they are on the more practical side of things, but sometimes you do have to carry a laptop around, you know? They are made from recycled feed bags from Cambodia and are lined with cotton. Go on, get that green glow!

Are you an Ecoist?

As you well know, ecp-friendly fashion always scores points in my books. Nothing like the glow of looking stylish and know you are doing the right thing by saving the world to make a gal feel good. Ecoist makes bags out of recycled candy papers and movie billboards, and they look pretty damn fine.

palestinian scarves

Style Bytes has some cute pics of those Palestinian scarves that everyone's wearing these days. I have to admit I have a crush on them too, but the Israeli boyfriend is none too keen. I sort of feel the same way about them as leggings - like the look, but it's a bit everywhere.


KnotStudio feature the most fabulous hand made jewelry. My personal favourite is the Plain Knit Ring, but you can make your own mind up.

Via See Pretty Things.


Coutorture's had a redesign, and my, isn't it beautiful. Stylish and simmple. I'll know I'm good when I get featured there.


A couple of site, includingUrban Socialite have been blogging about Jellyfish, a new online magazine that looks a little bit like a cross between Heat and Teen Vogue to me. Anyway, it's designed like a magazine with pages and everything. Lots of people are raving about it, but for me, it stinks. It's slow, clumsy, and doesn't work with the great tools the web has. The celeb gossip is stale, and the fashion's uninteresting. Basically, I won't be back. But feel free to check it out for yourself.

toe cleavage

SheFinds has set up a debate as to whether toe cleavage is A Good Thing. She says no way, but I personally love a bit of toe cleavage, just as I love a bit of peep toe as well - I think they can both show off a great foot.