Saturday, August 11, 2007

market drivers

It's an old cliche, but hemlines are meant to reflect the stock markets. But who knew they were predictors? With every fashion editorial calling an end to micro-shorts and mini-dresses, did they predict that the FTSE and Dow would slam today? Does that mean if I keep doggedly wearing my leg-flashing numbers, stocks will start to rise through sheer force of will. I'm hoping yes...

Susie Loves Cakes

Two via postss today - very lazy blogging, but what can I say?

Susie at has a great post today. She really is a girl after my own heart, although she somehow manages to pull of the silver leggings that I want to but just can't. She has a great post today about combining her two great loves - fashion and food (mine too!), and has a series of outfits of what she wears to eat where. Brilliant. Why didn't I think of that post? In an ideal world, I would be able to host afternoon tea parties where the girls would wear nice dresses and mary janes. Sometimes, I think I was born in the wrong era.

Secondly, Catwalk Queen brings us the rumour that Anthropologie is looking for a UK site. Oh please pick Edinburgh!! Yeh right, my heart knows otherwise. But since Anthropologie is just about my favourite online browsing place ever, and a great source for the above mentioned tea dresses, I would just about pee my pants if they opened up in the UK.

On a side note, I've just signed up for iShape. iShape is a great online tool for trying to get fit - it is an online exercise tracker, giving you a w schedule and a little log for putting everything in. I absolutely love it, but they refuse to let anyone outside of the US sign up. I can sign up for the 10 day trial, but always get booted when it comes to processing my credit card unfortunately. If anyone knows of a way round this, I'd be interested....

Reinforcing the Stereotype That Everyone in Fashion is Just Plain Mean

What has Faran done? In what appears to be the most commented post ever on Fashionista, Faran admits that she gives people faux compliments on their not-so-put-together outfits. What has sprung forth is a tide of, well, 80% disgust, though some of the comments are so mean in themselves, they don't exactly redeem the commenter. Obviously she's raised a sore point in people's hearts, and to be honest, I have to admit with being with the crowd on this one. Saying fake nice stuff to people just to get closer so that you can laugh at them is just plain mean. If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. As one commenter said, it is a question of manners.

I've noticed over the last couple of months that Faran is posting less and less, as her army of interns and co-bloggers rise in prominence. Even so, has she alienated enough of her readership to make a difference? Do we care if people who bring us fashtastic news aren't really so nice themselves? Without saying anything too libellious about Anna Wintour, but not being particularly nice hasn't exactly hurt Vogue, has it?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

autum collections

I've really not thought through my shopping for this season whatsoever. The autumn collections are starting to come through to the stores, and some of them are fabulous (hello warehouse!). I'm loving the big belts, the continuation of patent, and the grey tights that are everywhere. I'm less enthused that the Topshop style teams don't seem to have been talking to each other, and have managed to produced the same collection twice - glam rock and groupie (although groupie does claim to love silver leggings - score!). However, I've managed to time my shopping incredibly poorly this year. Right now I'm broke, thanks to going away to Ghana. September I'm away, and that's the month when the best stuff is around. October I'll still be paying off my Ghana bills and I'll also have shopping ennui from being around so much poverty, and then November is party season which is all black, satin, and shiny, which I don't love. Basically, I'm going to miss this fantastic season. Grr.

lohan dichotomony

A while ago the lovely StyleIT put a link to my little blog. Naturally I am delighted by this (who doesn't adore a bit of linkin' love?), and I was over there browsing when I came across these amazing photos of Lindsay Lohan for Jill Stuart - good spot! These new photos, and the Pop cover, are completely fabulous and are a complete dichotomy of the complete confusion that seems to be LiLo's personal life. She comes across as self-assured, in control of her image, and a mix of sophistication and self-knowing which seems so far away from the tabloid chaos that we see on Perez, TMZ etc. Shame. Will either sets of images live on in the public conscience?