Sunday, August 05, 2007

autum collections

I've really not thought through my shopping for this season whatsoever. The autumn collections are starting to come through to the stores, and some of them are fabulous (hello warehouse!). I'm loving the big belts, the continuation of patent, and the grey tights that are everywhere. I'm less enthused that the Topshop style teams don't seem to have been talking to each other, and have managed to produced the same collection twice - glam rock and groupie (although groupie does claim to love silver leggings - score!). However, I've managed to time my shopping incredibly poorly this year. Right now I'm broke, thanks to going away to Ghana. September I'm away, and that's the month when the best stuff is around. October I'll still be paying off my Ghana bills and I'll also have shopping ennui from being around so much poverty, and then November is party season which is all black, satin, and shiny, which I don't love. Basically, I'm going to miss this fantastic season. Grr.

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