Saturday, November 11, 2006

slightly more in my league

The new Topshop site works better than the old one, and for once has some decent stuff (sorry, but Topshop has just not been living up to its usual high standards recently - I've become much more a Miss Selfridge girl). I'm adoring the sequinned vest and cute shorts. The only frustration with the site now is that it often features these fabulous outfits as pictures with no links to the clothes, which is bad for lazy people who just want to click "buy this outfit"!

I've got a party tonight, and, even with the extensive wardrobe that I have, I have no clue what I want to wear. I drive myself insane sometimes.

wishlist at marc jacobs

I decided to do a little bit of window-shopping this morning (at least online, it's easier for me to say no: I just turn off the laptop) and found a couple of sweet things from marc by marc at Net a Porter. A bit beyond my bank balance (the top is £140, and the dress £280 I think), but nice to aspire to. Oh, and whilst I didn't win the Euromillions lottery, neither did anyone else. Roll on rollover. Only £120million!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

me too!

Daddy Likey has just confessed to being a fashion fraud. I have to fess up too. I'm only a part-time fashion freak; Mondays through Thursdays I am Miss Dull in grey and black in the office. And not in a chic way. More in a "got dressed in the dark" way. Oh, and when I come home it's green American Apparel jogging pants and a stained grey college hoodie. Chic? Not unless it's Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I'm having a fringe nightmare. I have a bit of hair which just will not behave, and is too short to be tucked anywhere. It is just hanging down the middle of my face, which is so not stylish. I tried putting a headband on today, and I looked like I should have been heading off to French at my private school. I think in business this is a zero sum situation.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

making up is so very hard to do

I do like Mischa Barton. And I like her makeup even more, probably because usually I can copy it. I was reading somewhere recently (one of the far too many magazines I have!) that liquid black eyeliner with no shadow is very now, and here's Mischa doing it. Top it off with some lovely pink blush (I'm using Stila's little blush pot in something very pink), and some lip balm, and what a look. Fresh, healthy, and cool. Even I can carry it off.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

primark madness!

I mentioned last week that I am dying for a gold dress from Primark. It's only supposed to be £18. Apart from the fact that it has sold out everywhere, apart from ebay, where it is going for around £50. Feels like a rip-off, apart from all the other party dresses are still twice that price. Buy buy buy!

blast from the past

I was walking home yesterday and I went past Cult Clothing, and for some reason I decided to pop in. Cult is such a shop from my student past - all funky t-shirts and hoodies. Still, it had loads of funky vintagey stuff from a brand called Superdry, which I was sorely tempted by, as well as some cool glittery "rawk" t-shirts. I managed to keep my purse in my bag though.

One more reason to move...

It is well-known that I harbour great ambitions to move to the US, and anthropologie gives me one more reason to do so. I absolutely adore their take on fashion; off-kilter, slightly random, and definitely not about looking as pretty as possible for the boys. For me, that's all about what clothes are about: a chance to express my personality, and my personality is definitely anthropologie. Shop Diary shows some pretty cool highlights of the catalogue, and it's online as well. It's just a real shame they don't ship to the UK. I know that there is probably some clever way of getting around this by badgering some of my American friends, but I just can't ask that of them.