Wednesday, November 08, 2006

me too!

Daddy Likey has just confessed to being a fashion fraud. I have to fess up too. I'm only a part-time fashion freak; Mondays through Thursdays I am Miss Dull in grey and black in the office. And not in a chic way. More in a "got dressed in the dark" way. Oh, and when I come home it's green American Apparel jogging pants and a stained grey college hoodie. Chic? Not unless it's Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

I'm having a fringe nightmare. I have a bit of hair which just will not behave, and is too short to be tucked anywhere. It is just hanging down the middle of my face, which is so not stylish. I tried putting a headband on today, and I looked like I should have been heading off to French at my private school. I think in business this is a zero sum situation.

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