Monday, June 04, 2007

I am addicted (american apparel)

I know that I blog a lot about Topshop, but my actual obsession is with american apparel. Maybe it's because we don't have one in Scotland, maybe it's my love of anything American, maybe its my approval of a "vertically integrated" manufacturing, or maybe it is just blind infatuation, but I love it. I must have been to 10 different stores when I was in New York (hell, they are as ubiquitious as starbucks), and I got a range of t-shirts, sweat pants, stuff. Amateur A-squared. The real cool stuff is the edgy - how did a t-shirt company manage to become to "clubland", so edgy, so gay, so lame, so fashion? I'm sure that using a "youthful" cut has helped - my sizing with them ranges from M in girls t shirts, to xl in shorts - definitely not one for ego-hugging. Plus, their grubby porn advertising is just fabulous, although very not safe for work. I want I want I want. Their UK ordering is shit and over-priced - I'm actually going to order and have it posted to Israel and then here. Random or what. But just check out the dresses, the pants, the hoodies. Personal fave? The silver dress with the blue hoodie over it. Black eyeliner, tons of attitude, and I am set.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

In honour of my fabulous pink nails mentioned earlier today, check out this fantastic pants! If you don't want to commit whole-heartedly to the neon trend, then check out the underwear line from topshop. If you're feeling really daring, a pink or green bra poking out under a white wife-beater will look pretty damn cool.

topshop for charity

Topshop are advocating we all hold charity fashion sales to raise money for the national domestic violence hotlines across the UK. Get together with some friends and sell your clothes, raise money for charity, and get 20% off in Topshop. And if you can't arrange your own, they are holding market events in York, London, Manchester, and Brighton. Shame there aren't any Scottish events, but maybe I'll get together with some friends and see if we can make this happen.

Ugly Betty Lovin

As Ugly Betty draws to a close in the UK, I have to admit my favourite character by far is the wonderful fag hag Amanda. So chic, so carb-addicted, so bitchy, so brill. And Catwalk Queen have a great piece on how us mere mortals can dress in her super skinny dresses and sky high heels. We too can be over-glamourous receptionists.

nu-rave nails

I saw a great beauty spread in last month's glamour of the perfect pink nail varnish - not fuschia, not baby pink, but a perfect, almost candy-flouro colour. Very neon, nu-rave on trend, and I fell in love instantly. Come on, I can't exactly go putting lime green eye shadow on my eyes, can I? Anyway, the colour popped up again on a Fashionista Street Style piece, and yesterday I trailed high and low in Edinburgh to find me the perfect colour. Most were either too fuschia or too coral, but I finally found the perfect one - Barry M's 279. I'll try and get a pic up later to demonstrate the true perfection of this colour. Oh, and my boyfriend hates it. A sure sign of a fashion victory.