Saturday, March 31, 2007

nekkidness is good

Coquette has managed to find the most beautiful nudes pieces, which are all to die for. Romantic, luxurious, flattering. Tres heavenly.

pick me pick me!

Teen Vogue are having a competition looking for a summer intern. I can't imagine anything more fun than working there, although it would mean having to quit my current job since I can't take another 3 week holiday (a month in September is already taken up!). Closing date is 16th April - good luck everyone!

must have now!

This fabulous patchwork dress from topshop is extremely fabulous and I quite simply must have it as soon as. Work has kindly donated some topshop vouchers to me for working v hard (I would prefer proper overtime, but what's a girl to do?) so it might get blown on this. I was so trying not to purchase this week! Click here to get to Topshop.

makeup that works

I adore makeup, in theory. I buy a reasonable amount of it, but I hardly ever wear it. And when I say hardly ever, I mean about once a week, on Saturday night, when I attack my eyes with a trusty MAC black kohl pencil which does make me look instantly rockin', but 6 of the other 7 days, I am a makeup free zone. Now that I'm 25, I'm not sure that this is ok. I don't think I can carry off the "fresh-faced" looks of my youth. It's time to get grown up. However, since I also love my sleep, I need something that is no effort - welcome to Jane mag's Five Minute Face video which talks you through a gorgeous pretty look in 5 mins. I'm off to Harvey Nicks to top up my look...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I did take a bit of a hiatus over the last couple of months, mainly due to being too broke and busy to allow myself even the temptation of thinking about fashion. But, new season and a payrise later, let the games begin!