Sunday, June 24, 2007

bags bags bags

I'm not normally a bag obsessive, and I very rarely buy any. In fact, I used a £6 number from primark for about 6 months, and now I'm using last year's white bag. But, every so often I get a bag obsession, and right now I have a couple, and none of them are cheap.

Ultimate wishlist: a black chanel 2.55. I'm stalking them on ebay at the moment, but even I know I can't have one. Maybe when I get a promotion. It would have to be a serious promotion though. Loving them worn crossed over the body with hoodies and converse. Only snag is that I've never seen one in real life, and nowhere in Edinburgh sells them.

Grown up love: mulberry make fabulous, classic bags. I don't do the whole "chloe this season, balenciaga the next" thing, and this mulberry bag just screams classic, I will look great in 20 years to me. Wonderful .

Strange logo-ed love: Faran at Fashionista posted ages ago about her new LV pochette. At the time I was like "ew! logo-crazy!", but strangely, a little voice at the bag of my head was curious. And it still is. I love the idea of something tiny holding my keys, phones, and money that I can just move from bag to bag. I love its teeniness, its size.

What's strange is that I used to be crazy about prada bags, and right now they are leaving me cold.

fourth day of summer

What is with the weather? It's cold, it's wet, it feels like April. What happened to global warming? I'm freezing! Topshop had a great pair of le in store last week! And it means that I can't really justify this great little playsuit from asos. I was thinking dress it up with wedges, down with flipflops, always with wayfarers, and a touch of nu rave bangles (ha of course!) would be fab.

As a side note, it's based on LiLo apparently. The hoodie that LiLo was wearing when she passed out last week was from American Apparel and is now sold out. Drunk is still a good look then!


As I've mentioned many times before, my love for American Apparel is unadulterated. And I know I am not alone in this. If you check out the reviews of their products on their site, people frequently say "I wish this hoodie hadn't dyed my entire laundry green, but I love it anyway!!! Five stars". Like I say, irrational. And possibly the worst thing about their service? The mail order. An order takes about 10 days to get fulfilled if what you want is in stock. But most of the time it isn't, so it can take weeks, even months, before your stuff actually turns up. And yet, like a fool, I still order and cross my fingers that maybe, just once, this will be the time when everything works out. I've been obsessively checking my email for a "your order has been dispatched" email from them for 2 days now. And guess what? Nothing. Why don't I ever learn?