Saturday, June 23, 2007

ankle boots ankle boots ankle boots

Yes, that's what I really want right now, and no one is selling them apart from Topshop. And I'm returning those tonight for not being quite right. I need a great pair to wear with summer tunics and dresses to be a bit of a festival chick. Sunglasses, messy hair, tan, bangles, ankle boots. I have a black pair from Primark, but the sole is so worn away I dread downhills in case I end up on my arse. This actually happened once, so the fear is reasonable. I've tried faith, office, and asos already, and am now running out of ideas. I'll maybe check out shoewawa for inspiration...

fashion is like politics (blah blah blah)

here's a funny one. Fashionista's street stalker today features a girl in yellow tights. And just a couple of months ago, we all said how fugly Kirsten was in hers. Thus proving that fashion is (a) a democracy that allows for differences of opinion and/or (b) fickle and can't make up its mind.

answers on a postcard please.

ps. Fashionista's essay question today was ludicrously easy for one. The irony between maroon 5 appearing in vogue? everyone knows that one.


I've been watching buzzfeed for a few days now, since every so often it has a big impact on my hits. I have to admit I'm a little disappointed at the moment; it doesn't move quite as fast as I would like it to. I guess I'm looking for something that updates that bit faster. The style stories seem to only move once a day, which for me seems rather slooooww. I'm also not sure its picking up what we're all talking about e.g. cutaway swim suits, wayfarers, neon, tote bags. Am sure its constantly refining though.

nu rave ravin cool

iamfashion have a nice feature on neon. I was talking to my little sister about nu rave, and normally we hate it, but every so often, there is something awesomely cool comes along. I'm thinking of investing in either some fabulous plastic banglery, or maybe a pair of neon flipflops. A hot hot hot vivid pink vest would be super fun as well, but I've yet so see one which has the suitable level of zing! Sometimes, in moments of weakness, I even like Henry Holland shirts. But those are very weak moments that pass pretty quickly.

returns galore

As I posted earlier in the week, I had a funny moment and went on a random retail therapy kick. Having gotten everything home, I'm please to say that the short boots are going back. Actually, I'm not happy about this, because I am dying for short boots, but they weren't quite right with bare legs, so heave ho, off they go. The silk dress from miss selfridge is also a no go, but I might exchange it for a similiar top, to keep the patchwork trend going. My sis thought it was super pretty, but if something in my head is saying "no", I should listen to it. I'm also returning a really random dress I bought from topshop a few weeks ago that has yet to see the light of day, so that should help out as well. Bit of cash back on the card is good for everyone.

Wayfarers Galore!!

They're like buses - two come along at once. I bought my fabulous black wayfarers yesterday from after much humming and hawing over whether I should drop £85 on them. Finally decided that it would be a good thing and went ahead. And then, my little sister finds Dad's lost original, bought in the 80s wayfarers (tortoiseshell, not black) in her car, and gives them to me (she has aviators, and no desire to switch). So now, I have two. I officially prefer the black, but the tortoiseshell are free. It's a difficult choice. That, and I can never wear them round my dad, as that would really be stealing. Decisions tonight.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

american classics

So, I finally snapped, and went online crazy with American Apparel. Much as I love them, they do have the worst ordering system ever, and items have been known to turn up several months later, so I'm not sure what I'll actually receive. And certainly the gorgeous t-shirt dress I wanted wasn't available. However, I did impulse buy some silver lame leggings, on account of being an attention seeker. In fact, I went a little lame overboard, and got a silver tube dress as well, which is sure to be returned on account of making me look like a sausage wrapped in tinfoil. But if I don't order it, I'll never know. And then the usual smorgsmabord of hoodies, t-shirts, and dresses. I've also ordered a pair of wayfarers which should be arriving tomorrow in the post. Lame, wayfarers? It's like the 90s never happened...


teenfashionista brought my attention to jezebel recently - it's a new fashion site from those smart people over at gawker. I remember when blogging first started being totally obsessed with gawker, despite its nyc-centric outlook. I also regularly checked out defamer and valleywag. Now the only gawker media site I would ever look at is gridskipper, on account of the tone just being too narky for me, and jezebel is no exception. Although the post smearing their intern, David, was hilarious, and should most definitely have been published. God help me if my writing ever gets that sophomoric. And why oh why did they let him come back to the office after that email??


Style Bubble did a lovely post on the wearability of the Topshop turban, where she looks, well, rather normal. This inspired me to go back to the topshop website and think about investing. Too late! They've all sold out, and we're left with Prada ones instead. No thanks.

random highlights

teenfashionista has done it again. Something tells me she is a girl of a willowy shape, since today she's advocating layering dresses with more dresses and skirts. Not something I would have thought off, but potentially interesting.

In another interesting move, american apparel are trying to convince us that they can be smart with their new shoot on the front cover. AmAp, everything looks smart in black and white - you're not fooling anyone.

And finally, iamfashion have a piece on playsuits. I own one already, and love it so much that I can definitely see myself getting another, this time in a kind of slouchy black. To be honest, my whole wardrobe really revolves around a life I don't lead that moves from beach to coffee to general lazing in the sun. And we don't even have sun here.

after the drought came the rain...

After being strong for at least two weeks and not making any purchases whatsoever, I broke yesterday and got a whole raft of stuff that will mostly be being returned this weekend. Anyway, once a tidal wave is started, it just doesn't stop. So I've been making a list of stuff I simply must purchase this week.

1. Wayfarers. Yes yes yes. In fact, right after I finish this post, I'm going to do it.
2. Highlighter powder. I favour Stila for this kind of stuff, but there might be a good one slightly cheaper from someone like maybelline or l'oreal. Anyway, a shimmer silver colour is great for lifting your face and making you seem bright and wide-awake.
3. Grown up sandals. Essential for work. I've knackered my silver ballet flats, and need a change.
4. Neon pink bra for flashing under a white vest. It might match my nails. I posted on this earlier - an easy way to do da nu rave.
5. This cute rain jacket. Because this summer has rained too much already, so if I purchase a snazzy jacket, it is sure to stop.
6. New bag. I fancy this one from asos. My bags are currently knackered and dying a slow death. Actually, I'm really lusting after grown up bags from Mulberry, or a Chanel 2.55, but this is more in my price range.

I don't think that's too bad. I mean, I do get paid in a few days, which is highly necessary.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

retail therapy

So, today was a very exciting day, with an impromptu wisdom tooth extraction, followed by a bit of a "keep me hanging" career chat at work, which left me a bit depressed. So, being depressed led me to the shops, where I picked up a silk patchwork dress from Miss Selfridge, which I'm thinking will be good for a summer wedding I'm off to in July, and boots, jeans, and a couple of tops from Topshop. I'm not done on my need to purchase, and I've got my eye on a couple more things online, but hopefully I'll manage to restrain myself. The crochet tunic top is particularly cool.