Wednesday, June 20, 2007

random highlights

teenfashionista has done it again. Something tells me she is a girl of a willowy shape, since today she's advocating layering dresses with more dresses and skirts. Not something I would have thought off, but potentially interesting.

In another interesting move, american apparel are trying to convince us that they can be smart with their new shoot on the front cover. AmAp, everything looks smart in black and white - you're not fooling anyone.

And finally, iamfashion have a piece on playsuits. I own one already, and love it so much that I can definitely see myself getting another, this time in a kind of slouchy black. To be honest, my whole wardrobe really revolves around a life I don't lead that moves from beach to coffee to general lazing in the sun. And we don't even have sun here.

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