Wednesday, June 20, 2007

after the drought came the rain...

After being strong for at least two weeks and not making any purchases whatsoever, I broke yesterday and got a whole raft of stuff that will mostly be being returned this weekend. Anyway, once a tidal wave is started, it just doesn't stop. So I've been making a list of stuff I simply must purchase this week.

1. Wayfarers. Yes yes yes. In fact, right after I finish this post, I'm going to do it.
2. Highlighter powder. I favour Stila for this kind of stuff, but there might be a good one slightly cheaper from someone like maybelline or l'oreal. Anyway, a shimmer silver colour is great for lifting your face and making you seem bright and wide-awake.
3. Grown up sandals. Essential for work. I've knackered my silver ballet flats, and need a change.
4. Neon pink bra for flashing under a white vest. It might match my nails. I posted on this earlier - an easy way to do da nu rave.
5. This cute rain jacket. Because this summer has rained too much already, so if I purchase a snazzy jacket, it is sure to stop.
6. New bag. I fancy this one from asos. My bags are currently knackered and dying a slow death. Actually, I'm really lusting after grown up bags from Mulberry, or a Chanel 2.55, but this is more in my price range.

I don't think that's too bad. I mean, I do get paid in a few days, which is highly necessary.

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