Wednesday, June 20, 2007

american classics

So, I finally snapped, and went online crazy with American Apparel. Much as I love them, they do have the worst ordering system ever, and items have been known to turn up several months later, so I'm not sure what I'll actually receive. And certainly the gorgeous t-shirt dress I wanted wasn't available. However, I did impulse buy some silver lame leggings, on account of being an attention seeker. In fact, I went a little lame overboard, and got a silver tube dress as well, which is sure to be returned on account of making me look like a sausage wrapped in tinfoil. But if I don't order it, I'll never know. And then the usual smorgsmabord of hoodies, t-shirts, and dresses. I've also ordered a pair of wayfarers which should be arriving tomorrow in the post. Lame, wayfarers? It's like the 90s never happened...

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