Friday, May 18, 2007

on a break

Just to say that there won't be any posts for about a week or so, since I'm off to Barcelona for a work thang. All very last minute, and should be a lot of fun. Cheery bye in my absense!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

its arrived!!

My 100th post, and it's nothing to do with fashion. The Toyota Prius has arrived in the UK. No excuse people, let's get green.

stylin advisin

Over the last couple of years, personal shoppers on the high street have proliferated. Making fashion and style accessible to everyone is a good thing (hey, I support democracy!), and this weekend, I'm actually getting to try it out. I'm taking lil sis to topshop for an hour of personal shopping to celebrate her finishing university. For all we know, we'll end up with nothing, but at least we'll know if it's a good service.

summer is fun

How I wish I had access to Forever 21. I constantly try and plan how I might get access to their too cheap for words dresess. However, since I haven't ever tried anything on there, I'm not even sure of sizes. Anyways, for those on the other side of the water, isn't this dress cute? Slouch it down with some minnetonkas, a la Kate Moss.

young doctors get a helping hand from the strangest of places

My little sister has just finished her medical finals. Trying to learn how to save zillions of lives is a stressful ordeal, but luckily for wee sis, she had a helping hand in the form of the cozy relationship her credit card developed with online shop asos. Lil Sis firmly believes that money spent during exams online quite simply isn't real money, hence the fairly regular packages getting delivered to her door. And quite frankly, if she passes her exams, having a fab wardrobe and hellish credit card bill is worth it!

See below for my choice picks from the fab asos.

This blue dress is just so cute.

How to be Lindsay Lohan? Though why she's snogging Callum Best, Ireland's favourite playboy is beyond me.

I love this bag!! Mischa Barton does too. What's not to love?

everyone loves rachel b

Especially me. And who wouldn't want to steal her shoes? Luckily we can, thanks to this great pair from asos. And best yet? They are just 40 quid!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

mind the gap

Style Bubble has picked up the most interesting story of the week for me: European Gap and US Gap are basically going to be separate beasts from now on, with their clothes not crossing over. Euro-Gap will be more fashion forward (think those cute summer dresses that are in store right now - I have one in grey), and the US will, well, continue on in the same vein. I know that Gap's been in trouble for a while, but surely sticking to what it knows hasn't worked out well for it in recent years, and with the most profitable section of the company being Banana Republic, which has a lot more in common with Euro-Gap, surely it would make sense to use some of the great pieces there in the US? There are only so many blue jeans, white t shirts, grey hoodies and chinos middle america can buy.