Wednesday, July 04, 2007

crazy craving

For some reason, I'm thinking leather jackets are a "good thing" at the moment. I was converted by a girl I stood next to at the Kate Moss Topshop queue who was tiny, blonde, wearing a cute headband, skinny jeans, and Westwood pirate esque boots at 5am along with her leather jacket. It looked so stylin! This is a great one from Topshop, who recently shocked me by removing their pac-a-macs from the website - I thought they were going to be a summer staple! Man, I was wrong, and have regretted it since then. Brings more meaning to their "buy it now or regret it later" tagline!


amber at painfully hip said...

my hubby just bought a beautiful motorcycle, so i've been looking for THE PERFECT leather jacket. this would be it, except that topshop don't ship to canada.

oh and thanks so much for the love!

FAPORT International said...

Awesome!! i just this jacket:)