Wednesday, July 04, 2007

cheap thrills

I went back to Belfast this weekend for my sister's graduation. Much as I love Edinburgh, when it comes to shopping, Belfast has it hands down. I think this is due to the recent urban regeneration that Belfast went through with the end of "The Troubles", but whatever the cause, if you are looking for a quick high street fix, Belfast is certainly your place. With that in mind, I headed in, going first to Primark. I usually am not Primark's greatest fan - the clothes don't fit me very well, they are uncomfortable to wear, I've gone flying down a cobbled hill in Edinburgh due the heel of a pair of boots wearing off in about 10 minutes, and the underwear seems to be a funny shape, but somehow I ended up back in there again. And have got the most amazingly wonderful shoes ever there. £10, and they are perfect. I had been eyeing up a pair on asos, after seeing how Miu Miu were bringing them back, but these are even better.

Since Mary Janes are just the cutest little preppy shoes ever, they had to be paired up with yet another pair of shorts, and a cutesy white shirt. I also got the most fabulous sparkly black sequinned shift dress which has a lovely low scooped back, which adds an extra sense of glam. Put it on over my black skinny jeans and my mary jeans and I am uber uber cool. The only thing that's not quite so uber uber cool is the trail of sequins that I leave in my wake!

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