Monday, July 16, 2007

underwear and overwhere

Also on the Primark trip, I discovered the craziness that is £4 underwear sets. Yes, you read that right. How crazy is that? And its not like the underwear is ugly either! Admittedly, it is a touch too padded (I know I'm a B, but I don't need to feel bigger than that, thanks), but fits reasonably well, is comfortable, and I was able to get about 5 sets that are quite pretty. How fantastic is that? Normally I'm a die hard Marksies girl, and I've been dreading the bill, as I'm about to throw out reams of greying pants and bras, but their range has left me cold the last couple of months, and now I've been able to use ethically-questionable production to tide me over until they start to produce something that is actually pretty, rather than functional.

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