Sunday, May 06, 2007

i heart kirsten dunst

I do. I've loyally stuck by her, drawn to the fact we're the same age adn have the same slightly drunk eyes and small mouth - she somehow manages to look beautiful and sexy, I'm more piggy and tired. I adore her sometimes grungy, sometimes glam style, and understand that showering is sometimes a pain in the ass (especially on Sundays). Don't know why she's no longer with the fabulous Jake Gyllenhall, and is now with Johnny Razorlight (whom I couldn't point out in a lineup, worryingly. I used to care about music). So, in honour of the lovely and random Kiki, and the fact she's all over the media at the moment with Spiderman 3, I've put together some random links to help you get your fix.

Get Kirsten's pale face, red lips look over at Steal the Style. Breakfast At Tiffanys have made her their Fashionista Du Jour thanks to her uber-stylish picks for her Spidey 3 appearances. Stylish Thought have put together a nice montage of her recent outfits, where our pictures came from today, and finally, Fashion Indie has some clothes inspired by Mary Jane. Just a few somethings to keep you occupied on a Sunday.

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