Wednesday, July 11, 2007

street stylin

A couple of great pieces on street style today. Firstly, Painfully Hip's Amber seems to have exactly the same taste as me. Well, no, Amber actually has better taste, but anyway, everything she picks out I love, and today's wardrobe remix pics are no exception. I lurve the stuff on braces in particular.

Secondly, Fashionista picked up on a piece in the Seattle Times about fashion blogging on street style. (I feel that the sentence went full circle with its references, but oh well). The Seattle Times put together a neat piece how blogs like The Sartorialist are influencing the high street in a simliar way that the catwalks do. A quote which did the fashion world no favours came from Margaret Voelker-Ferrier, a University of Cincinnati professor of fashion design, who said, "People think fashion is from the street, but it's not. It's from the designers who are using the streets for inspiration. So at the end, it's still coming from the designers."

Um, does anyone else think, um, no, in the end its still coming from the street, and this is just cutting out the middle man? (I'm not saying design houses are the middle man and we'd all be just as stylish and gorgeous without them, but you know what I mean!).

Anyway, there are two points to the story - Fashionista's question of whether we are all dressing better on weekends in the hope of the Sartorialist snapping us (nope! Not a chance in Edinburgh, though I should start my own Sartorialist...), and wow, there are a whole bunch of places I should be uploading my style pics to. Now I just gotta convince my boyf to start shooting them.

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