Wednesday, July 11, 2007

american apparel finally delivers

Yes, it actually happened. My gear arrived today, and I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. The blue hoodie (Lapis) was not quite as bright as it appeared to be in the picture, but is still gorgeous. The summer t-shirts are a good fit and nicely sheer. The hairbands are great and I'm wearing a baby blue one at the moment. The silver lame leggings deserved a whole post of their own (see below), and then there is the silver lame minidress. As its a one size garment, I didn't truly imagine that I would be able to shimmy myself into it, but shimmy I did. Once it was in place, it was a bit skin tight across the belly - you could practically see the fries I'd had for lunch. But it didn't do that nasty thing that strapless dresses do to your decollete and give me chub lines as I call them. It's indecently short and very pencil. I put it on over leggings and thought "yeh, I look good", and then I looked harder. I looked 80s. It is the most 80s silhouette I'd ever worn. And I still thought I looked good? I must be a product of far too many elle covers at the moment if I was now channelling Madonna. I pulled the dress up and it became a bunchy silver boob tube - still cute and wearable, but less of the clinging mini-dress look.

I took the dress off, and felt confused. Who had I become?

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