Wednesday, July 11, 2007

seasonal vainiac

My boyf mentioned to me the other day that I was "wearing a lot more make up". What he actually meant was that I've become a lot more vain in the last couple of weeks. The reason for this is summer. I love summer so much that it inspires me to make an effort, to actually brush my hair, put on a bit of blush and mascara, that sort of thing. Winter is so depressing that I can't be bothered. Of course this is ironic, because it is the winter months that I look rubbish in and need the most help for! Anyways, here's my guide to great summer stuff:

* Nivea fake tan. I've tried a good number of fake tans, though none of the expensive, St Tropez esque ones. However, I have no need to - Nivea fake tan fades in fast, has never streaked for me, doesn't smell too funny, and in the morning I wake up the colour of a week (at least!) in the south of France. Perfect.
* I am currently using Johnson & Johnson's Holiday Skin as my tan top up. However, I have come to the scientific conclusion that it is pretty rubbish, on account of the fact it takes longer to sink in than my fake tan, and the colour comes up patchy. Also, I always end up with white hands and feet, though I'm not sure the blame lies with Holiday Skin or me. Anyway, I'm eager to try and new brand, and I've heard good things about Dove, although my allegiance with Nivea might also play a part in my decision making.
* Maybelline Dream Mousse - wow! I knew my sister was a big fan of this stuff, but hadn't tried it myself until it was on offer for 3 for 2 and my local boots. I got the bronzer, a blush, and a shimmer. I love them - the texture and consistency is so brilliantly light and soft that they are fantastic. I probably should have got the bronzer in a shade darker (I went for the middle one as I'm permamently afraid of looking, well, orange), but it goes on like a dream. The only thing I would say to improve this is make the colours stronger - the blush is a bit of a pale, girly pink, when a stronger colour is actually much more flattering.
* MAC lipstick in Sandy B. I tracked down what lipstick the makeup artist used to use on Marissa (Mischa Barton) on the OC, and came up with this. It's a gorgeous, slightly shimmery peachy colour that is perfect for summer - underplayed, works well with a light tan (or maybelline top-up!), and is extremely flattering.

Once I start buying make-up I can't stop, so I also got a coffee coloured and a coral lipgloss. These were particularly weird purchases for me, since I usually can't stand lipgloss, putting it in the club of bootleg jeans, pointed toe black boots, and pale blue/pale pink as things that nice, boring girls use, and therefore I won't. Yes, I know, gross generalisations, and I've probably offended half the people who read this, but such are the risks I take. Anyways, the lipglosses have turned out to be a fun enough addition to my face, and are mercifully unsticky.

I'm still looking for the perfect pillar box red nail varnish for my toes, and I keep meaning to revarnish my nails in nu rave pink, but so far, I'm feeling fairly put together.

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