Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Neil Armstrong Called - He Wants His Spacesuit Back

This is the note that I found on my bed when I came home from the gym yesterday. The reason? I had left my silver lame American Apparel leggings on the table, and shocked my boyfriend when he got in. Other choice comments he gave me were "if I didn't know you and saw you in those, I would burst out laughing", and the simple but effective "they make you look fat". Me? I can't decide about them. They do make me look fat, which should be reason enough not to keep them, and they are difficult to wear, and really warm, which isn't good for summer, but there's something about them which makes me want to keep them. Why? Am I a crazy fool? Quite obviously yes. And they aren't even cheap - £28, so it's not as if I can just keep them for fun.

(Chief reasons I am being swayed I am sure are because of all the positive feedback that the website has of them - how easy they are to wear etc. Am beginning to think that everyone who puts feedback up there is (a) either a size 0 or (b) an american apparel employee or (c) probably both!! Even so, there is no reason I should be feeling so swayed by such a vague form of peer pressure!)

Has anyone else worn silver lame leggings? Can they make them work? Are they really the simple every day addition to my wardrobe that I've been looking for?

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