Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the great outdoors

After weeks and weeks of rain in Edinburgh, it is finally sunny today. I was about to head to the gym tonight to take on a hardcore gym class (Body Attack, since you asked, courtesy of Virgin Active), but the sun is making me consider skipping the gym and going for a run. And then, since I'm thinking running, I've also been perusing "what stuff will make me run better", including the uber glam all in black gear from the North Face (I prefer running in shorts than tights. Actually I've never run in tights, so that's a bit of an uninformed decision, but I'm still sticking to shorts for the time being). However, the real impulse buy I want to make is the Nike/iPod NikePlus gear, but that would involve a new ipod, a running kit, and an armband or running top. I don't need trainers because Nike helpfully made a little pouch for keys that would attach to any running shoes a couple of years ago, and I can slip the wireless pedometer into that and slot it into my asics. On review, it would be a lot cheaper to go to the gym and be abused by one of those super perky people. I actually feel sick thinking about the pain and public humiliation that I'm putting myself in for.

Update: it's greener to run outside! less electricity, more carbon friendly

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