Sunday, April 15, 2007

summer trends

Ah, its so great to finally feel the sun on my skin! Edinburgh had a mini-heatwave this weekend, and it was great to finally see some (very pale) flesh. Naturally, it made me think about what I'm dying to wear this summer. A list of some upcoming purchases (credi card withstanding!) below:
waistcoat (vests for you Americans) - in a stoney/grey colour
white jeans? strangely tempting, but can do terrible things to your bum!
black jeans - okay, so I'm just plain late on this trend
loose silver/gold striped lurex vest (tank top) with a racerback
dresses!! just lots of dresses. I've seen some great silk ones from warehouse that even Mischa Barton has been spotted in. Dresses are going to be bright, short and flirty
denim hot pants - I've tried on so many pairs so far, and yet to find the perfect pair, but it will be done!
loose white vest to go with my waistcoat
brown gladiator sandals to go with my plethora of dresses
maxi dress if I don't end up looking shapeless and dumpy

And what I won't be buying
anything involving dungarees just not a good look in my eyes
wedges yes, I know, I'm wrong in this, but I just don't love the shape
anything plaid ew ew ew.
high waisted denim even with my long legs this looks too, well, fashion victimy.

Let's see how long my credit lasts before my bank manager forcibly removes my credit card from my sweaty palms.

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