Sunday, April 15, 2007

knocked down knock offs

I have set up as one of my RSS feeds to my google reader so I can check it out at work. Amazingly, it even streams in the pictures (lots of my RSS feeds have their pics removed for fear of them being NSFW, but fashion seems to get around the financial IT wizards, thankfully). Anyways, Fashionista's been doing a great line in how Forever 21 are knocking off high class designer pieces. And this dress is pretty gorgeous. The one on the left is some fancy designer (can't remeber who, but strangely Paris Hilton wore it on tv and looked grown up), and the one of the right is Freover 21. Two problems ensue: (1) Forever 21 don't ship to the UK. (2) Even if they did, I have no idea what size I would be. Grr.

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