Saturday, April 21, 2007

spring cleanin

I'm feeling a bit hungover today, which is not helping my productivity. On top of that, I'm cleaning out my wardrobe and putting stuff on ebay for the first time ever. I'm not that hopeful of making a heap of cash, but you never know. Clearing out my wardrobe is really hard for me, because (a) I find lots of stuff I love, and I want to wear everything again, and (b) I can instantly imagine lots of reasons why I should keep something, even if I haven't worn it for 4 years. I'm trying to be strong this time around. I think that if I had one of those fabulous walk in wardrobes (a purchase for my lottery millions), I wouldn't have these problems. But no such luck as yet. So I know have a huge bag to try and list on ebay. And sure, if I lose interest, I can always just take it to the charity shop.

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