Tuesday, May 01, 2007

topshop.com falls apart under pressure

After encouraging shoppers to use topshop.com as alternative to braving the stores for the new Kate Moss collection, the website completely fell apart under pressure from shoppers at 4am this morning. Whilst I was using it, the site crashed an innumerable number of times, although this was relieved when new shoppers were banned from loading it up. However, much more annoyingly, the orders that my flatmate and I put through have just come up as cancelled, due to "factors beyond the control" of the administrators of topshop.com. Just how is not being able to match up warehousing and shopping baskets beyond the control of the online shopping team? The team behind topshop.com are going to have some serious questions to answer as this demonstrates that quite simply, their technology solution was not up to customer demand. If I was Philip Green, I'd be pissed. Because, quite frankly, he's going to have a lot of pissed off people on his hands.

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