Sunday, April 29, 2007

How Sassy Changed My Life | FabSugar

FabSugar have a review of a new book, "How Sassy Changed My Life", which is a behind the scenes look at how the magazine was created and developed. I remember being about 14, and it was the first time I had been to the US, and I picked up a copy of Sassy magazine. It was a complete adoration, and straightaway I bullied my dad into getting me an overpriced American subscription. Actually, he was very game about it; maybe he was impressed by the feminist approach and the lack of "how to kiss your boyfriend better" articles. I've actually just bought a subscription to Jane magazine as I figured that it would be cheaper than getting to train to Borders in Glasgow to pick it up, since its the only place which stocks it. My favourite things? The random asides that accompany the photos in fashion shoots. A little irreverence never hurt anybody.

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