Tuesday, May 01, 2007

kate moss topshop.com further problems

First, I receive an email that my order is not being fulfilled. Then, I visit the website and I see that the stuff I ordered is available. Confused? Just a little. Not sure what is going on with the technical team, but I know I'm not the only one this is happening too. I haven't ordered again, unsurprisingly.


natalie said...

Hiyas hun...
caught your link from catwalk queen. i placed a reorder for the stuff that they had cancelled, as it was showing as they had it in stock again ...
*and* they have send me another email saying it has been cancelled again.
how maddening!!
Natalie x

scarlettholly said...

Natalie I'm so sorry! If its any consolation, I've tried the stuff on, and its a bizarre shape/cut, so you are really saving some money!

Anonymous said...

What a relief to find other people having the same problems I am with topshop's reprehensibly crappy ecommerce division and customer service!

I also placed a re-order, natalie, and the second time my things came-- except two of them weren't the size I ordered. GRRR. Creating the return on the website was easy enough, except that you have to contact their unresponsive and unaccessable customer service to get a mailing address to send things to if, like myself, you are not in the UK.

It's been nearly a week with no response, not even a confirmation that they received my address request. Furthermore, it's been nearly a MONTH since the first cancelled order, but the hold still hasn't been released from my card. I finally called the credit card to dispute the charge.

I'm thoroughly contemplating disputing all TopShop charges though, just because their customer service is so poor, I don't want them to have any of my money.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see its not just me having problem after problem with Topshop website! I have had about 10 orders cancelled and customer service are a total waste of time, all I get is an email saying its a security measure! I have shopped with them for years on on line for the last 12 months, they have lost my custom for sure, most items are on ebay cheaper anyway!
Something really should be done about this as there must be thousands of other customers with the smae problems.
Im seriously thinking of putting a complaint into watchdog!