Sunday, October 29, 2006

leggings part II

Harrods Girl over at I Am Fashion picks up on the leggings trend, giving it her thumbs up. Over on my front, I have caved! I bought a pair today, against all the odds. The decision came when my sister bought be a very cheap and chic gold brocade mini, mini shift dress from Primark (yes, she is a Primark girl. Edinburgh, alas, does not have the bargain basement store. We're not that kind of city). The dress is beautiful, but barely covers my bum. I tried wearing it with black tights, but you could see the top part where the texture changes, so leggings offer a bit more protection. And maybe give the rest of my wardobe a few more options. I'm particularly looking forward to pairing them with my silver disco heels. But never, never, will they be paired with a denim skirt. A girl has to stick to a few rules!

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