Sunday, October 29, 2006

black black and more black

I managed to go shopping today - always a lovely way to spend a Sunday. I was on the hunt for a dress to go to a charity gala in - something cocktaily with character. Unfortunately, I didn't managed to actually get that, although I found a nice one in monsoon that was black sating with a wide red ribbon below the bust that was promising. I always have the fear that wearing a dress from monsoon runs far too high a risk that someone else will also be wearing it; the market for event dresses is just a little bit too small, particularly at the lower end of the budget scale. When I grow up I'll be able to avoid this risk, but at the moment, the pay check just isn't going that far!

So, I didn't manage to get a dress. Naturally I didn't come home empty handed. Instead of sticking with this season's grey, I bought a lot of black. This is extremely out of character; normally I can't stand black clothes, because I wear them a lot for work (no, I'm not working in a funeral parlour, but financial technology isn't far behind it). I got a black dress from Miss Selfridge with fabulous balloon sleeves and a roll neck - it is jersey and ends just below the knee. Very gorgeous. I'm planning on wearing it with either tights or leggings and either my black patent peep-toes, or my silver sparkly heels. Fabulous. Continuing on in Miss Selfridge, I also got a sensible black v neck sleeveless top with a sequinned collar/shoulder straps. It's quite loose, and has a fabulously functional little pocket as well. Brilliant. I got a brown cardigan that I can only describe as funkily shaped - baggy, voluminous. Tres on trend.

I also picked up a pair of leggings from Oasis, and a grey top. Oasis manage to produce plenty of what I call "sensible" tops; not sensible in the way of, ooooh, you can wear that with anything, but more, oh, I know I'll wear that a lot of I can't think of anything to wear.

I did spend some quality time in Topshop as well, but I just have to say that Topshop has lost its way for the moment. I know that structure and shape are very big this season, but it seems that Topshop is marching to the beat of its own drum. Something that I would normally commend, but this season, I am just feeling uninspired by it. Confusingly, I just saw a nice editorial in the Observer magazine that was almost entirely Topshop - all about grunge, which is right up my scruffy street - why are these clothes not in the stores? Why are we having weird blue tartans inflicted upon us?

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