Sunday, May 27, 2007


Last week I took my sister on a trip to the Topshop Style Adviser in Glasgow. Topshop Style Advisers are professionally trained stylists (mine had a degree in fashion and had worked in buying before becoming a style adviser) who serve as a professional shopper for you. It is such a great service! The girls were highly excitable and lots of fun - we were offered water, tea, or champagne before we started, before wandering around and picking up random stuff to try on. You have a small room with a sofa and a couple of huge changing rooms to try things on in, and then, once you are all shopped out (an hour and a half of pure fashion craziness), you finish your champagne whilst everything is gift wrapped and you don't even have to queue. And guess what? The service is completely free! Kate and I were looking for what to do with high-waisted silliness, and were convinced that high waisted jeans with cute tops were a good idea, and that high waisted shorts would also work as well. Having got home, I'm not necessarily convinced (or as Kate said, she has too many novelty jeans with her white ones and her red ones as well), and felt a bit like I had just stepped out of the seventies, so took the jeans back, safe in the knowledge that if a style adviser couldn't convince me they were a good idea, they really weren't. My high waisted shorts are still in the bag - I'm just not sure I'm brave enough to wear them. They do give waist and flatten my stomach, but they are still a little weird on the eye. The funky draped dress is just good for being different, though being strapless, it does give me that weird muffin top around the boobs (how does one get rid of that with strapless tops?). It'll be good for going out and drinking weird cocktails at Tigerlily. As for the shoes, although I think they are slightly orthaedic, they are genius and brilliant as well. Gorgeous. And although I returned the jeans, it was a fabulous day's shopping, and everyone should give it a go. Even my mum's convinced.

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The Stiletto Effect said...

love the shorts