Sunday, May 27, 2007

out of africa

I'm sure it is the high level of attention that Africa has been receiving in the media recently - Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond, memoirs of boy soldiers from Dave Eggers and others, the heightened awareness of the conflict in the Sudan - but I've noticed that has also been taking on African influence. Since I'm off to Ghana later this year to volunteer, I can't help but love this look. And yes, I don't know how to put fashion and the so frequent stories of misery that we hear from the many conflict, arid, drought-riven countries of the sub-continent, apart from Project Red, but I just can't help but notice the synergy. Today I read two amazing stories in The Observer coming out of Africa - one about the corruption of US aid that serves to do more for farmers in Iowa than it does for the citizens of Malawi, and another about a group of Nigerian women who are immune to HIV. And if that doesn't fascinate you, then just feast your eyes on this fabulous dresses from Topshop's Zanzibar collection. I actually got the longer sleeved one, since the sleeveless dress is actually a touch too long for my legs. Tights and ballet flats until the weather gets good, and then gladiator sandals and chunky bracelets. Topshop have a fabulous guide to their Zanzibar collection that is really worth checking out as well, if you need a little inspiration.

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