Monday, May 28, 2007

fit me up

Like most young women, I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. I love the effect (hello toned stomach), but hate the effort/pain/boredom that is associated with it. I've also had a complicated relationship with exercise since I can be terminally lazy (I am currently going to my $100/month gym about once a month), but was extremely fit as a teenager (30 hours of sports will do that for ya), and have done crazy ass fitness things, like trekking to base camp Everest. So it is a highs and lows relationship, and since I've tasted the highs, I am too lazy to work back up to get them, and want instant instant results. And what fools us into giving us instant results? Technology. Hence the reason why I'm thinking about ordering me a pair of FitFlops, the MBT-esque fit flop that claims to tone your calves, thighs and bum as you walk. They are currently sold out across the UK, but can be back ordered via sweaty betty and other fine online sports establishments. Even more tempting is the whole iPod/Nike workout pack, which combines my need for a new trainer with a need for a new iPod. I first came across this in New York last September, but was put off back the fact that the running tops were those second skin ones (ew, no thanks. It's bad enough being beetroot and sweaty whilst I run, never mind showing off my "curves"), but an armband will solve that problem. The only is that I live in Edinburgh, the land of the hill, and running outside is a helluva an effort, and I usually stick to the gym (which is itself a nice walk uphill!). Still, a fresh air run is much better for you, and being spurred on by your "power song" might be worth it.

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