Monday, October 29, 2007


Another American Apparel post. For some reason, even after the last debacle I had with ordering from them, I decided to do it again. What on earth was I thinking? This time it took 4 weeks to arrive (no apology when I called them to chase it up), they sent me the wrong colour of cardigan, and they charged me wrong! Complete farce. I have tried to call up their customer service, but got a message telling me that there was no one there to take my call, and to leave a message. This was 3 hours ago, and no one has called me back. Sigh. I do honestly think that the London warehouse might be staffed by imbeciles. It is incredibly disappointing that a company that has such a strong commitment to employment values has such an incredibly poor record in customer service. Either they aren't getting the training, or they are just plain idiots. Either one is frustrating. The love affair is over.


(Notice how this poor experience has meant I didn't even comment on the clothes. That's how badly I feel right now about this company.)


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