Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Coming back from the wilderness after a couple of months, there have been a number of changes in the fabulous world of fashion blogging that are worth noting. I am loving Splendicity - what a nifty site. It's a fantastic new portal featuring some of my favourite bloggers, including the lovely girls at Painfully Hip. I also discovered the great Fashion Chicks there - blog after my own British High Street heart. WhoWhatWearDaily has the scoop on the best star style out there, and is compulsively addictive.


Being broke at the moment (as ever really!), I am getting back into my creative side. BurdaSew are advocates of the open source sewing movement. I'm not sure what that means, but I do know it means sewing patterns are available for downloading and printing out. Cool. Now, if only I had a sewing machine. Details, details.


I'm invited to a fabulous black tie do for work in a few weeks time, so I'll need a great party dress. I'm thinking the navy sequinned flapper dress from Kate Moss Topshop, along with black tights to make it more demure, curly hair, a flapper head piece (what are those things called anyway?), and crazy black eyes. Mmmmmm.


Okay, and finally, what am I crazy about right now?


My new prada esque grey patent heels. They have a chunky heel and thick elastic acting as a mary jane strap and are far too cool for school. Plus, I can walk in them.


The 40s. Oh, Atonement and Keira, how you have influenced me. Wear Clinique cranberry cream lipstick heavily blotted to get that fantastic berry lip and no eye shadow.


Wide-legged jeans. No, I don't own any, but man I wish I did.


American Apparel. Again. Yes, I know, as ever I'm addicted to a store that sells over-priced, vaguely ethical goods. This time, it's grey t-shirts and sweaters that I'm craving to wear over either overdyed skinnies or wide legged jeans.


My navy skinny jeans. How did I get by without having overdyed jeans in my wardrobe. Only problem is that I can't wear white with them at the moment. Doh.






amber at painfullyhip said...

awwww! thanks!
you're BACK! hooray! i'm glad you're safe and sound and blogging again, we missed you!

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My sister is a fashion designer and she loves her work so much.

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