Saturday, April 28, 2007

i wish i was more stylish

I wrote a post a few days ago about not being stylish or cool. Amber at Painfully Hip has written an ode to style and picked up some great people and sites online where the participants are genuinely, wonderfully truly stylish. These people wouldn't care about the Kate Moss Topshop collection. And you know? I really wish I didn't. I really wish I didn't read style magazines and instead I spent my days wandering around charity shops and vintage places with my great eye and my ability to accesorise (because baby, it is all in the accessories), but unfortunately, I can't. It's just not in me, I'm just too influenced, too blah. It's why, although my love for clothes and style is undending, I doubt that I'll ever be able to actually work in fashion. It's disappointing, but at some point, we all have to give up on our dreams. And at least I can keep earning enough to keep getting my clothing fix on a fairly regular basis. As a wise young man once told me, it's compromises that keeps the world going along.

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amber at painfullyhip said...

aw. thanks SO MUCH for the lovin!! you are stylish because you know what you like!
keep it up, i love your blog!