Monday, October 23, 2006

Marie Antoinette

I went home last night (I managed to blag a flight to Belfast through work) and got to hang out with my family, especially my sister. My sister is just about the only person I know who is as crazy about clothes as I am. We also have fairly similar senses of style; she just got me the cutest two minidresses from Primark (more on that later). Anyway, we agree on what we love most of the time, so she was the perfect person to take along to Marie Antoinette - I really couldn't think of another person I know who would enjoy a film which was mainly about pretty dresses and fabulous cakes. I read an article about the cakes for Marie Antoinette in, of all magazines, the bmi in-flight magazine, which was actually really interesting. And yes, they were beautiful, gorgeous, decadent and luxurious. There is a very fun montage scene that basically flashes between shoes, dresses, and cakes - all my favourite things!!

Anyway, I am glad that I took my sister. You really would have to be quite forgiving to like Marie Antoinette. It has a very definite Sophia Coppola feeling about it - not much dialogue, lots of montages, lots of scenes showing parties and dressing up. Oh, and of course a fab rocky soundtrack. I have no idea whether it was historically accurate, but it was certainly modern. And for me, thoroughly enjoyable. Also, I have a small resemblence to Kirsten Dunst (small mouth, small eyes, giggly, blonde, but no, I'm not gorgeous like she is!) and so watching her on film is slightly freaky. Can be heartening (I resemble that?) and depressing (no way will I ever look like that!). Still, there could be worse people to resemble. But it didn't make me want to make my hair 3 foot taller than my head.

So yes, I had fun watching the movie, but it really is one you go into knowing you are going to love. Otherwise, it's probably not for you.

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