Thursday, October 26, 2006

leggings and me

I'm conflicted. Tis true. It's about leggings.

Leggings and me do not get along. Not that I really know this, because I have never actually tried a pair of leggings on. Ever. Not even when I was a small child. Everyone else is wearing them though, and, well, sometimes, they look good. Sometimes. My problem is the sheer ubiquity of them. It used to be a couple of years ago you would see a cute London girl with her denim mini and her black leggings, and it would be exciting; now just about every girl aged 14 and up (and up!) is wearing them with ballet flats and minis. And maybe since my eye is now "in", I vaguely think it is cute, but really, it is all just annoying; does everyone have to wear the same??? (Yes, it is fashion, that is what happens, I am just being naive!)

But this begs the further question; am I just denying myself the opportunity to look cute because I refuse to buy myself some leggings and rock the look? Is my petulance and stubborn streak stopping me from being cute? But if I capitulate and get me some, am compromising my fashion beliefs? Oh the moral quandary.

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