Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Season Most Wanted

Even though I'm going away for my favourite shopping month, that doesn't mean I don't have my eye on a couple of key purchases for this season.

1. A leather jacket. Miss Selfridge have this one which I think is v Mike + Chris styled - am thinking a great birthday pressie. Team with with my new dress from Topshop, tights, and boots. Perfect Saturday chilling.

2. Schboots. Black, patent, cool, and bound to be impossible to walk in. Great for with shorts and mini-dresses. Yes, I'm not giving up mini-dresses. These aren't patent but are from topshop.

3. Double strap shoes. Yup, these are going to be big. I'm also thinking black patent, though pale colours with dark tights will also look fab. Think those fab pink satin Miu Mius for inspiration. Though my budget is a little less flexible!! These ones from Topshop are also not exactly budget at £75.

4. Ribbed tights. Warm, wooly, and leg lengthening. A pair in black and a pair in grey please.

5. Chunky wooly, well, thing. Yes, some sort of knitted item that will keep me warm. I'd like it to be rather shapeless please, and then I can belt it at the waist with my minis/shorts etc. Contrast of volumes etc. In fact, I had the perfect shapeless knitted item two seasons ago, but when I moved house, it seemed to disappear unfortunately.

6. Flat leather boots. This pair from Topshop are perfect. Am begging for them for my birthday pressie.

7. Oversized white shirt. I have a billion white shirts, but another one is definitely required. Ironically, I actually found the perfect oversized white shirt on Saturday in Primark of all places, but since I was shopping for Africa (yes, the whole continent), I ignored it. How unwise.

8. Grey skinnies. Like all jean trends, I'm late again. I just got my black skinnies. And they have an annoying "creep" habit (meaning they creep down from being low-rise to being way too ultra-low rise and I might flash), but I still really want them - just maybe not Topshop B's. Tuck them into my either knee high flat leathers, or some cute ankle boots.

9. Ultra-short Uggs. This is just a weather thing. I live in Scotland. It gets cold and miserable. Being able to put your feet in warm furry boots is a good thing. And ultra-short ones are good for tucking your skinny jeans into. Either chocolate brown or black please.

10. Oversized woolly hat. Like those floppy big ones that Keira Knightley wears. I haven't been able to find one yet that I like, but I'm on the look out. Instant "scruff-chic".

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FAPORT International said...

Nice shoes, cool jacket, in like pink shoes..