Thursday, June 14, 2007

Marissa and Summer, where have you gone?

The lovely teenfashionista has a great post on Nanette Lepore, after feeling nostalgic for the OC. Ah, I feel her pain. Every so often I do miss the inspirations that Marissa and Summer used to add to my wardrobe. Preppy, but sort of, well, edgy isn't quite the right word, but never too "together". Because no one wants to be together. Personal favourites were Marissa's fondness for gorgeous dresses teamed with hoodies. The girls wore a lot of shorts, not like now, when shorts are cool, but more A&F/American Eagle high school shorts, which I most definitely live in the wrong country to get away with. I actually do believe that my wardrobe styling is so much better for a warm climate - I am destined to leave these cold British Isles for the sake of better dressing.

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